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Osborne Law PLLC
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 by Marc E Bernier

“Brilliant.” The first word that comes to mind in describing my attorney, Mark Osborne. A court case can be very unnerving. Mark is very professional, intelligent and charismatic.His demeanor allowed me to feel comfortable in going through the court process. I am very impressed with his cleverness and calm mannerism in and out of the courtroom. Atty. Osborne represented me in two cases incurring a win both times. Thank you Atty. Osborne.

 by Stanley Urbanowicz

Wouldn't go anywhere else beyond 5 stars.

 by Seth Stabler

I am beyond grateful with the services of Attorney Osborne. Attorney Osborne is extraordinary; you will not find a better lawyer than him. Not only is he a master tactician but his compassion and tenacity to fight for his clients is incomprehensible. I will never go to anyone else for any legal issues that may arise in the future. If you are in need of legal consultation or need some heavy artillery in a legal battle, try Osborne Law first. You wont be disappointed.

 by Drew G

Gratitude is the best emotion to describe how my family, friends and I feel towards Mark and his staff. When one runs into a tough time in life you’d want to feel confident about who your attorney is. Mark and staff are the best in my humble opinion. He’s a straight shooter, assertive, attentive, knowledgeable, efficient, experienced and genuinely cares for his clients. Relationships are an important element when working with the various types of people and positions in the legal system. Mark has a reputation for going above and beyond, being a man of his word and maintaining strong relationships. Just do yourself a favor. Before calling any other criminal attorneys in the Nashua area, call Mark first and meet with him. See for yourself. It’s as if he already knows where your case is headed. However, he also knows the direction he wants to take your case in order to put you in the best situation possible. Thank you.

 by Zachary Emond

Mark Osborne is an attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. He knows his criminal law and is not afraid to let his clients know the truth. He stands up for what is right for his clients. He is definitely a warrior you would want in your corner inside and outside the court room. Thank you attorney Osborne for all your help.

 by Adam Schwar

I recently had a horrible experience with the Bedford police department. I contacted many lawyers that friends and family suggested, none of which I liked. When I first met with Mark Osborne I felt much better about my case. When we went to court he worked quickly to get the charges dropped.

 by Mikayla Cotran

We hired Mark Osborne for my husband's driving case. This case could have made him a habitual offender which he could have lost his license for, and Mark was able to drop the entire charge. We knew right away that we wanted to hire him even after meeting with a few other lawyers. He was very personable, honest, and respectful. We would recommend him to everyone we know! We can't thank him enough!

 by Denise Cyr

Received good advice from Attorney Osborne on a complimentary interview.

 by E. B.

I won't go into details about how the police kinda double scr*wed me (with my previously completely-clean record) over into a terrible and unfair jail-time position...but they did. And after pouring out my story to Attorney Osborne, he listened to and believed me - he literally saved my life and made the process as painless as possible- No jail time, no record! Proper justice in an otherwise corrupt world. If I ever run into any problems again, I know what office I will be calling. I will recommend them to anyone in need - 100%.

 by Catherine Eldridge

Exceptional ! when finding myself in a circumstance i never thought id be - i googled attorney's and was drawn to the firm as my mothers maiden name was Osborn. Sure enough it was the right decision - from the moment i stepped foot in the office and talked to him about my case Mark Osborne was kind, compassionate, attentive and answered all my questions. He was straightforward and honest and i knew I had picked the right person to advocate for me. He was diligent - calming and am very pleased with the result. Life throws things at us and having someone there to make sure things work out well for you - words cant express my gratitude enough .. after a terrible year - i saw hope and made it through thanks to his professionalism and dedication. I recommend him 100 percent~~ Thank you so much Mark - cant thank you enough !

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